We’ve all been there – you get home from work or uni and you’re starving but can’t be bothered to cook. You need something to tide you over until dinner so you can’t help but reach for the biscuits or a bag of crisps. For me, the hardest part about following a healthy regime is cutting out the chocolate and sugary foods. Health guidelines recommend we should be eating no more than 30g of processed sugar per day, and I can easily say that I used to eat at least double this per day… actually probably more like 10x that if I am being honest.

The reason all of my past diets have failed miserably is due to my incessant snacking. I don’t like healthy food very much and the thought of trading in my chocolate cornflake cakes for carrot sticks wasn’t that appealing. This time I have finally stuck to a healthy diet thanks to finding snacks that I actually like. I try to keep snacking to a minimum by eating 3 filling meals per day, but sometimes you just need something in between.

Here are 6 of my favourite savory snacks for when I’m hungry in between meals:

Peppers stuffed with goats cheese or feta cheese

Okay so it doesn’t sound the yummiest, but the goats cheese makes it.

French toast with feta and tomato 

I ate this at a wedding once as a canope. Healthy, yummy, and sophisticated 😉 Switch it up with low fat philadelphia or goats cheese and drizzle with olive oil, mmm…

Monkey toast: Toasted brown bread with peanut butter and sliced banana 

Throwback to when you were 5 – filling, quick to make, and hits the spot. Drizzle with honey if you’re craving something sweet.

Homemade guacamole with pitta pockets 

You can make this one as healthy as you like by making your own guacamole. I usually just smash together an avocado with some Greek yogurt and flavour with lime.

Carrot and sweet potato chips 

Not just as a side dish, bake a carrot and sweet potato with a little olive oil for a satisfying snack. You can roast any veggies or pulses you want such as broccoli, sweetcorn, chick peas etc, they all make yummy snacks.

Low fat mozzerella, tomato and balsamic sticks

Another one I stole from a wedding. Have them prepared in the fridge for when the need takes you. Or switch them up with parma ham, grapes, peppers etc…


But what about if your not hungry, just craving something sweet? Here are the ways I cheat my tastebuds into thinking I’m eating sugary treats:

Dark chocolate dipped strawberries 

This one definitely hits the spot. I know we’re supposed to be cutting out chocolate, but a little dark chocolate can’t hurt can it? Besides, some doctors say it is good for you…

Hot coconut milk with a sprinkle of cocoa

I stole this one from working at Costa. Coconut milk is so creamy and rich, and much lower in fat than normal milk. Heat it til it’s frothy with a sprinkle of cocoa and it’s like drinking a bounty bar..


Baked pear with cinnamon 

I love to eat this with porridge in the morning, but it tastes just as good on its own as a snack. There’s something about baking fruit that just makes it so much sweeter.

Stewed apple 

Another childhood favourite. You can mix this with practically anything: frozen yogurt, or a sprinkle of granola which tastes like apple crumble.

Grilled pineapple

More fruit. I ate this once as a desert in a Brazilian restaurant and it was insane. They grilled the entire pineapple and carved chunks off it. Easy to recreate at home with a spray of frylight!

Oatmeal pancakes 

So this one takes a bit longer to prepare but definitely worth it if you’re craving something cakey. Dairy free and vegan, you can barely taste the difference to normal pancakes. Top them with honey, berries, or peanut butter… (I will post the full recipe separately)

So there you have it. No more excuses to reach for the biscuit barrel!! Let me know if you have any other healthy snack ideas, my list is always growing.



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“C’est une folie de haïr toutes les roses parce qu’une épine vous a piqué”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry