You might have your pumpkin at the ready in the front window, but have you got all the ghoulish details covered? If like us, you’re hosting a Halloween party, make sure your party planning is on point with these top tips.

Make sure your decoration is on point

Get some skeletons, skulls and jack-o’-lanterns, tarnished candlesticks, and lace cobwebs to keep with that playfully spooky feel.  No matter what your theme, from classic fright, to a more chic look, make sure your house is looking like something straight out of Dracula’s castle (or the playboy mansion if that’s more your style).

Give out free stuff

We enticed everyone in on the promise of cocktail sausages and shots. A big cheap punch always goes down well too. Fill a rubber glove with enough water to give it a hand shape and freeze it. You can make the fingers curl into a claw shape by bending the fingers in a glass. Now you have an eerie claw grasping at punch-drinkers.

Halloween themed food & drink 

Set the mood for the night with some electric neon coloured cocktails, or why not get creative in the kitchen. Food dye and spooky cake cutters will be your best friend keeping in line with the spooky theme. Check Pinterest for inspiration, there are so many creative ideas!

Give awards out for best costume 

Bring out your guest’s competitive spirit by making it a costume competition. There will always be a lazybones who won’t dress up at all but people might be more willing to get into the spirit of things if they can win a bottle of something.

Get the playlist right 

Arguably the make or break of the party, your music playlist needs to touch all bases. Strike a balance of Halloween themed music and current tunes. We invited fellow languages students from our course, so naturally it was an international playlist.


Relax and have fun… and don’t worry about the colossal mess until the morning after!



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