As the capital of Cantabria, I had to spend a day in the beautiful Santander! Unlike the little cobbled villages which surround it, Santander is a a cosmopolitan jungle. Just a short train journey from my home in Torrelavega, I quite often venture into the city for my shopping therapy, and also the beautiful beaches on it’s doorstep. It is full of the most beautiful architecture and monuments, including the famous Magdalena palace! Despite growing in popularity among tourists, Santander remains quite unspoilt with most Brits opting for a holiday in Barcelona or the South, so you get a real taste of Cantabrian culture here. Although, it is certainly not one of the most beautiful spots in the world as large parts of the city burnt down in 1941 and had to be rebuilt – but what it lacks in character it more than makes up for in natural beauty. Looking out over the city you see rolling mountains in the distance, the green gardens of the ‘paseo de pereda’, coastal walks along the promenade, and of course the golden sands of ‘El Sardinero’, what more do you need?



Santander is really well linked up in terms of transport and you can grab a bike from any of the bike stations located around the city, simply by swiping your credit card. I recommend taking a bike to see the major sites as they are quite spread apart – especially if you want to reach the Magdalena and the beaches from the city centre. Stop for some lunch in one of the many tapas bars in the main square – you definitely need to try rabas while you’re here (fried squid), or tortilla de patata, a local favourite. So next time you’re feeling a trip to Spain, Santander should definitely be on your Spanish bucket list!!



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