Woohoo I’m 22! As per my birthday tradition dating back a whopping 3 years, I always indulge in a spa day for my birthday. If I won the lottery I think I would spend the rest of my life on one long spa day. What better way is there to unwind and forget the aches and pains of life than a massage by the pool? This year was no different, and I set to finding the perfect venue. Last year I ended up at Bannatynes with my uni friends which was lovely but not the most luxurious of places – this year, I wanted something a bit grander.

My first impressions of Redworth were how beautiful it looked on the website! It didn’t disappoint as we pulled into the long driveway and through the gardens. It really is wonderfully impressive and such a beautiful setting. Sweeping driveways, manicured lawns and grand stone architecture – you just know as soon as you arrive that you’re in for a special day.

Checked in, robe and slippers on, we slipped onto the massage beds for our treatment. From massage and facials to hot stones and pedicures, there’s a carefully-curated list of dreamy treatments to suit every need. A spa day wouldn’t be complete without a treatment, and my personal favourite – the all body massage. The treatment room was draped in warm, dimly-lit lighting, and soft humming tones to bring ultimate tranquility. I found myself almost drifting off to sleep as my therapist massaged every ache from my shoulders. I get a lot of tension in my upper back from working at a computer all day so always opt for more pressure between my shoulder blades.

Floating through to the tranquility room, I could smell the massage oils on my skin. We spent the next hour de-stressing in the hot pod. Lying on heated beds, I absorbed the warmth and serenity of the room with a book in my hand.

We later took to the dining room for tea and coffee and pastries. There is something about drinking tea out of a tea pot in a fluffy white dressing gown in the middle of a stately home that just makes me feel at home.

We later spent the afternoon dipping in and out of the pool, soaking up the steam in the steam room, basking in the sauna, and relaxing in the jacuzzi. There is also a state of the art gym although we didn’t get round to using that as we were too busy at the poolside.

Redworth Hall is just spectacular and as we’re now in the run-up to Christmas, another spa day will definitely be on my Christmas list!





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— Anne Frank