After spending a life-changing 8 months living in France, I was so lucky to also have the opportunity to discover the absolutely beautiful Corsica! I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go, were it not for my dear adopted French mum who lives out in sunny Taglio Isolaccio in the North of Corsica. So shortly after returning to England and leaving no time to unpack from France, I grabbed my bikinis and was on a flight out there.

I spent the first few days just relaxing in the sleepy little town of Taglio Isolaccio. It isn’t very touristy at all and at times I was the only person on the whole beach! The beach was just a 3 minute walk from where I was staying so my first few days revolved around throwing on my sarong and walking down to the sea.

Strangely, I didn’t actually realise until I got there that Corsica is a part of France, and is not an independent island. People there generally speak French, however many speak native Corsican. Corsican sounded really bizarre to me as it was like a cross between French and Italian. I was so lucky in being able to stay with a family friend who is of course French, meaning I was able to really immerse myself in Corsican culture.

Later in the week, we visited Bastia, the second biggest passenger port in France, after Calais. The city is much more lively and dynamic than Taglio Isolaccio and more of a tourist trap. There are plenty of little winding streets to stroll around, and it has a genuine feel of a lived-in city.

There are two enormous harbours to wander around – one in the old town with plenty of little bars and cafes to sit and enjoy a crêpe au chocolat in the sunshine, and the other more modern one which welcomes the ferries and ships. I just visited the old town port. Be sure to walk out along the Quai des Martyrs de la Liberation for the best views of the harbour!

Later in the week, we visited the stunning Porto Veccio and Paolmbaggia Beach. Situated 30 km southeast of Bonifacio and 10 km south of Porto-Vecchio, this beach, classified by UNESCO among the nicest beaches of the world offers crystal waters looking out onto the Cerbicale Islands. With some of the best and most accessible beaches on the island, Porto Vecchio has become Corsica’s number one tourist region, and Palombaggio is the definitely the best spot! In fact, it was recently voted France’s Best Beach on Trip Adviser it is so beautiful.

Stepping onto the beach, you might be fooled into thinking you are in the Maldives. The water is crystal clear and the sand is pristine for miles. The transparent waters are full of locals going for a swim, jet skis and water-sports activities, and the unspoilt beach itself forms part of a nature reserve.

There is no better way to spend a summers day than lying on the most beautiful beach, with a book in your hand. Or while away the hours strolling, dining, or sipping on a cold drink in the chic beach bar.

Corsica really is the most beautiful and underrated little island! It should definitely be on everybody’s travel bucket list with its Maldives style beaches!! (Did I mention you can even swim with cows??)


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