I thought I’d kick my Style category off with my favourite fashion of all time- Spanish!! I absolutely love everything about traditional Spanish clothes, especially on babies.. (don’t get me started on all the cute little frills and bows)! But with the summer feria season in full swing, I am so obsessed with the gitana dresses!!

Every year in Spain (typically Andalusia), there are week long celebrations which take place across the different towns and villages. There are parades, fairgrounds, pop up nightclubs in the streets, and concerts 24/7 – basically a festival outside your front door. The biggest ones in the South include the major cities, such as Malaga, Grenada, and Sevilla. Most women get really dressed up in traditional costume, commonly called the ‘traje de flamenco’ and some pay thousands to have their dresses tailor-made. The tradition dates back to the nineteenth century when gypsy farmers handmade dresses out of scraps of fabric, and it soon became a distinctive element of Andalusian culture.

Without further ado, here are my top picks from feria season 2018:


I am just loving all of the bright colours and ruffles teamed with bold hairpieces and statement jewellery!! 100% need to take another trip to Sevilla next summer and wear one of these beauties!!


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