Growing up I was always such a picky eater and turned my nose up at everything my mum could possibly offer me for breakfast. I hated basic staple foods like bread, milk, eggs, toast, butter.. anything which most people ate for breakfast, and I even ended up eating things like pasta and pizza before school just so I had something in my stomach. These days I have a  much better relationship with food. Although sometimes it can be hard to bring yourself to eat so early in the morning, I have learnt that it is so important when it comes to ‘dieting’ and eating well, and is the key to stopping mid-morning binges.

I always try and find time for breakfast now, and I eat foods which I enjoy. I still don’t really like normal breakfast foods like butter on toast.. so I re-invented a breakfast menu with foods that I like and I will enjoy eating, even at 7am.


Porridge with baked pear: I’ve only got into porridge this last year, but I still couldn’t bring myself to eat it plain. Porridge is definitely about what you put in it, so I like to bake a pear under the grill for 20 minutes and then it all melts into the porridge and it is really yummy!



Oatmeal pancakes: I posted the recipe on here last week. These taste the same as normal scotch pancakes, and they are gluten and sugar free! I like to eat them with some blueberries or a little coconut nectar. Tip: make the mix up the night before and cover it over in the fridge so they only take 5 minutes to make in the morning.


Breakfast tacos: This is so filling and kind of like a fry up in a wrap. I use brown wholemeal wraps and fill it with avocado, raw spinach leaves, a poached egg, a spoon of baked beans, and some cooked tomato. You could add meat if you wanted to but I like to keep it veggie in the morning.


Fruit crumble pots: The perfect breakfast when you want something sweet. Stew some fruit: apple, pear, or berries, and let it cool a little, then top it with homemade granola made from baked oats and dried fruit / nuts. It tastes just like a desert crumble but with only natural sugars.


Monkey toast: Brown toast with a little nut butter and sliced banana..


Breakfast omelette: Whisk up some eggs with a pinch of salt and a big handful of torn up spinach and fry it in a little coconut oil. Flip it over so both sides cook and you have a yummy breakfast packed with protein..


Healthy banana bread: I will post the full recipe separately but I love this as it is sugar-free! It is easy to make and hits the spot in the morning with a nice earl grey tea.


I like to follow this menu throughout the week, washed down with pressed lemon water or a freshly squeezed orange juice. I also take a breakfast smoothie on the go with me some days made from whatever fruit I have lying around, a big handful of spinach, blitzed breakfast oats, and oatmilk.

Some days I have a cheat day and eat a big greasy fry up, but I try and have just one naughty meal on cheat day, so for me usually it’s not breakfast (I’d pick a Chinese for dinner any day over breakfast).


I hope one of these ideas might inspire you to eat breakfast if you’re like me.. Enjoy!


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“You must always have faith in yourself”

— Elle Woods