I spent the best part of my time in France working for a wedding planning agency in Provence – and it was as dreamy as it sounds.. Some of the weddings were absolutely stunning and although I was mostly working behind the scenes, helping to assemble decorations and escorting guests to their seats, I learnt a lot about what it takes to pull off a beautiful event, and trust me, it is a lot harder than some might think!!

Here are some of the tips I learnt:

  • Begin planning waaay in advance. Most bride and grooms started the planning process as far as two years in advance and didn’t leave anything to the last minute!
  • Always have a plan B, and a plan C, and probably a plan D… You can’t always guarantee that things will work out on the day. On one of the weddings, we had torrential rain all day and we had to improvise to stop the marquee from flooding!
  • Things probably will go wrong behind the scenes at some point. Maybe someone will get trapped in the toilet or the taxis won’t arrive on time- remaining calm is key.
  • Communicate! There is no room for ambiguity in this business- there are usually lots of third parties involved in pulling off an event and they all need to be in the loop.
  • Build relationships with service providers. Companies can be picky about who they want to work with so its best to have a bank of services who you can count on every time – oh and it’s nice to be nice! People like to work with friendly people.
  • Delegate tasks and work as a team – it is a pretty big task organizing an event single-handedly, so it helps to share the work.
  • Get creative. No matter what the event, guests love personal, quirky features that they will remember. Put thought into the small details like the party favours and seating plans, they are usually the things people remember.
  • Pick a theme and stick to it. The invites should hint at the theme of the event and everything should be tied into the overall theme and colour scheme.
  • Prepare 3 different provisional budgets: cheap, average, and expensive, with different quality services – that way you can pick and choose what you are willing to compromise on to save money. For example, choose a cheaper DJ so that you can spend a little more on the caterer.
  • Enjoy the planning process! Planning an event can be super stressful when there is a lot to organise but it is also really good fun so enjoy the process and relax 😛




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— William Shakespeare