It’s a Monday morning and you are the only one in your student house with the dreaded 9am lecture.  You grab your morning coffee from the SU to get you through the next 2 hours (who even invented double lectures by the way?) and you’re on your way.

Here are my top tips for getting the most out lectures when all you want to do is turn round and go back to bed.

  1. Sit in the middle

I started uni on the back rows of the lecture theatre, but as time went by I began to realise it wasn’t helping me to concentrate. The fact that there is nobody behind you makes you feel less judged scrolling through Facebook on your laptop and that’s not a good thing. Do yourself a favour and sit a bit further forward. Not only will you be less likely to start scrolling through Pretty Little Thing, but you will hear the lecturer better.

2. Note Taking

On that note, taking a laptop can be a great way to get down everything the lecturer says. You will find me typing like a mad woman, trying to get down every word they say to mimic in my essays. You don’t need the latest Macbook – I carry my old HP laptop round with me in my backpack and just ignore all of the comments about carrying a brick around with me.

3. Turn off your wifi

If you are using your laptop and feel tempted to get distracted by social media – turn your wifi off. You probably don’t need it for the lecture and then you will be more concentrated on taking all important notes.

4. Take sneaky snacks and drinks

Although I wouldn’t pull out a full blown picnic, I always take a few nibbles to see me through the double lectures. Most nice lecturers will give you a short break between the two hours so you can get some caffeine down you. On that note though, don’t drink too much coffee as you will end up hitting a wall half way through the day and feeling exhausted. The main thing is to keep hydrated to ward off any concentration headaches.

5. Ask if you are stuck

I went through over half of my degree too scared to put my hand up and ask a question, and I still avoid it where possible – but don’t just sit there clueless. Ask somebody nearby to you or go and ask a question at the end of the lecture if you feel too shy to speak in front of everyone.


(Mental note to self) It might feel like the longest two hours of your life, but it will all be worth it in the end!


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“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

— William Shakespeare