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The winter nights in Newcastle are now in full force and if you’re anything like me, you’re blowing off cocktails on the quayside in favour of another night on the sofa in front of the log fire.

I love everything about being cosy. Big chunky cable knits, hot chocolate with squirty cream, and fluffy bed socks… so capturing that and recreating it in my home is my idea of heaven in the winter months. That is exactly what hygge is all about. You might have heard this strange word (pronounced hoo-gah by the way), which is a Danish concept. There is no translation as it is more about evoking a feeling than anything else.

The underlying concept of hygge is cosiness, initmacy, and togetherness. It is about the small pleasures in life like a hot bubble bath, a good book, soft candlelight, and being gathered around a fire with family. Essentially there is no right or wrong when it comes to hygge as it is personal to your own pleasures in life, however it is about creating a peaceful space that is free of clutter which can cause stress.

Without further ado, here are my top tips for bringing hygge into your home!

Stick to a warm / neutral colour palette

Your chosen colour scheme can have a great effect on how hyggelig your home feels. Warm and neutral colours bring feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy as opposed to cooler tones. Although blues and greens are often associated with calm and serenity, they also invoke a greater sense of space and cold which do not match hyyge. Avoid bright colours like purples and greens which can be more stimulating and less soothing. Colour can have a great impact on our emotions and behaviour so channelling a gentle colour scheme will help to set the tone for a peaceful space.

Incorporate different textures!

Hygge is all about balance and a variety of different textures will create a more balanced space. Tactile sense is important in creating a soothing decor as soft touch can invoke feelings of tranquillity and reassurance. Try wrapping up in a soft fleece blanket, running your fingers along a wooden coffee table, and resting your feet on a fluffy rug.

Create a reading nook

There is nothing more relaxing than snuggling up on a Sunday afternoon with a good book. Hygge incorporates this feeling of being tucked away in your own little space. A reading nook perfectly captures the intimacy of hygge and taking a private moment to get lost in a book. The Danish refer to this space as the ‘hyggekrog’… the nook. This is a space where they can feel safe and curl up and disconnect from daily stress.

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Let natural light flood the room

During the day, there is no need to sit in darkness surrounded by candles. A hyygelig home incorporates lots of natural light to make the room feel fresh. They also use carefully positioned lamps to create pools of light in certain areas to create cosiness.

Simplicity is key!

Finally, remember that Danish lifestyle is all about living freely and peacefully with the small and inexpensive pleasures of life. A soft and de-cluttered space will be the key to a de-cluttered mind!


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