After experiencing the amazing Feria of the Andalucia region last summer, I was eager to see how the North of Spain compare. I can’t deny that I was secretly a bit gutted that I couldn’t wear my flamenco dress as I really wanted to channel the whole gitana rubia look, but the North definitely still know how to throw a great fiesta!

For 10 days the whole town was buzzing with street food, children running about in the square, decorations lining the balconies – it was such a fun atmosphere!

Every night there were concerts in the plaza, some with famous Spanish artists which you had to pay to attend, and others, free. I loved hearing the music every night from our apartment a few blocks away. There was even a Spanish ABBA tribute act one evening!

Alongside the festivities, there were a few traditional processions which took place including the virgin parade, where the Virgin Mary came out of the Church and was paraded through the streets. Everybody gathered in the center while traditional Cantabrian music was played and the virgin appeared. There was also a parade with various floats (which were so elaborately decorated, they must have taken months to prepare)! People wandered the streets in traditional costume and some dressed as strange characters which was actually a bit creepy..

I can’t say it was as extravagant as the feria in the South, but it certainly held it’s own and people flocked from all over Cantabria to soak up the atmosphere. My favourite part was definitely the food stands (typical me), and wandering the streets in my sundress eating patatas bravas.. oh and if you’re into your booze, Calimocho seems to be the go-to drink (equal parts red wine and coke… which tastes just like flat coke to me, but each to their own)!!

I would definitely go back but you won’t catch me dressing up in the traditional Cantabria costume anytime soon..





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“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby