Over the last year, I’ve been having some serious skin issues, from frequent breakouts to tiny blackheads I couldn’t get out on my own. Whilst my skin has cleared up a lot in the last few months thanks to my new healthy lifestyle, I was still plagued with these little dots all over my face which drove me crazy. Nobody else could really see them and I managed to cover them up well with my makeup – only adding to the problem. I tried to extract them alone watching Youtube videos and using sterilized tweezers but all I did was aggravate my skin and leave horrible cuts which took days to clear up.

So yesterday I discovered an amazing salon in Torrelavega where I am currently living in Spain, and I had them all extracted, (which I won’t lie was really painful). It was an hour and a half treatment and I paid 63 euros which I think is quite reasonable for the length of the treatment! My skin feels and looks so much fresher. I think I had got so used to seeing them when I looked in the mirror that I forgot what it was like to have perfectly clear skin. Although, it will probably take another week for the redness and marks to heal from the extraction, my face already looks so much more radiant and glowing!!

I am hoping if I keep up a good facial routine at home and always remove every scrap of makeup before bed, I shouldn’t have the same problem again, but if not, I feel like I could probably give the treatment another shot at home, following what she did in the salon:

  • Remove makeup and completely clean the skin using facial wash, cleansers and toners
  • steam the face using a steamer device or a long hot shower (alternatively boil a kettle and rest your face over a bowl of hot water with a tea-towel over your head to keep the steam locked in). This part is key – she steamed my face for a good 20 minutes which was quite uncomfortable but necessary to open the pores. Gently dry the skin with tissue
  • Extract blackheads using a sterile tool or fingers and tissues. I couldn’t believe how easily they came out! (FYI it hurts a lot and your skin will be sore after)
  • Clean the skin with a soft cleanser – don’t use anything harsh now as you have tiny open cuts on your face so it will sting
  • Apply a nice soothing face mask and let it set for 10 minutes, then remove
  • Finish with a facial massage and soothing moisturizer

Be careful if your skin is prone to dark spots as the heat from the steam can cause pigmentation of the skin. Also be sure to sterilize all equipment before if using metal extractors, and wash hands thoroughly. If you are unsure, I find it is better the pay the money and get it done properly because doing it wrong can lead to scarring and can seriously damage your skin!




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