Working out might be the last thing on your mind at 7am when the alarm goes off. Let’s face it- it’s waay more appealing to stay in bed for an extra 20 minutes.. but finding the time in the morning for a light workout has some amazing benefits!

  • It boosts your metabolism! You will burn more calories throughout the day (EPOC)
  • It sets you up for the day / you will feel energized
  • You’ll be less likely to skip your workout for the day (once you’re out of bed the hard bit is done)
  • You’ll feel productive / accomplished
  • The gym will be quieter!
  • Get a better sleeping routine / better quality of sleep

I try to start my day with a small run (usually around 3-5k), and then I feel really awake and ready for my morning shower and breakfast. Once you do it a few times, your body gets used to waking up that little bit earlier, and you won’t feel so tired – the first few times you will definitely question if it’s worth it, but don’t go back to bed!!

On colder days, or if I just can’t be bothered to leave the house, I like to do a small 20 minute circuit in my room to wake myself up. If you have a gym on your doorstep you could go there and make the most of the space to yourself!

I don’t focus on any particular body part in the morning – I just do a quick all over blitz to get the blood flowing for the day. Here is my mini morning circuit:

  1. 50 starjumps
  2. 10x Russian lunges on each leg
  3. 50 squats
  4. 1 min burpees
  5. 30 situps
  6. 1 min plank
  7. 50 crunches
  8. 30 second parallel hold
  9. 10 tuck jumps
  10. light stretches (hamstrings, touch toes, shoulder circles, splits)


Mix it up and add more reps if you feel up to it, or reduce it – anything is better than nothing. Pretty soon, you’ll be going to bed looking forward to your morning workout… and don’t try to cram a workout into your morning, build your mornings around it!

You can do it!!!


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