In the past I always hated exercise. I went out of my way to avoid it and ate my body weight in sugar everyday; blessed with a fast metabolism and a slim figure. The amount of wasted gym memberships I paid for and exercise classes I signed onto but gave up on are endless, but I guess since I was relatively happy with my body anyway, I was lacking motivation to get fit. Despite my lucky genes, I could barely run a mile without collapsing and I felt embarrassed going to the gym as I didn’t really know what to do.

That all changed this year when I returned from my year abroad in France. I had been in a relationship which stripped me of my confidence and suddenly I saw my body in a completely different way to how I always had. I decided I needed a complete makeover of my life, and I embarked on another diet attempt (which usually only ever lasted 2 or 3 days), but this time something was different. In the last 5 months I have completely changed my relationship with food and exercise and I have never felt so strong and healthy. I have done this by being realistic and not starving myself. I eat a balanced diet with 3 meals a day, but I have completely cut out all of the snacking. I have seen so many amazing changes in myself and my body. I have lost weight I didn’t even know I was carrying and toned up in the process. My skin is so clear these days and I feel like I have regained the confidence I lost for such a long time. The best thing is that I no longer see working out as a chore, but now as ‘me time’ where I can unwind and let go of tension.

I have had quite a few people message me asking what I have been doing to tone up etc, so I thought I would share some of the diet plans I have actually stuck to, workout regimes, and training programs I have been following since I started.

The first time I really enjoyed exercise was at Warrior Bootcamp in Polesworth, ran by Matt Bartram. He runs group fitness classes twice a week and I started attending with a few friends and my mum. Each session is always different and I loved the fact that I never knew what I would be doing until I turned up on the day, so there were no excuses to stay at home! Matt is an amazing motivator and made me feel empowered about my fitness potential, so for the first time I felt like I was capable of pushing myself. This was the first step which got me started on my new healthy lifestyle.

Check out Matt’s Warrior Bootcamps on Facebook:

I then got into running which is my new-found love!! I have been following a half marathon running guide which has helped to build up my stamina. As summer approached I moved out to Spain, where I am currently living and working. I was worried about losing my progress after stopping bootcamp, but I signed up to an amazing gym and I have managed to maintain my fitness through making sure I do at least 90 minutes exercise a day (either the gym, hiking, or running).

I am going to use this blog as a bit of a fitness diary to track my progress so stay tuned. I am definitely NOT a PT or a Nutritionist, although most of what I follow I have doubled checked with people who know their stuff, and I have purchased training programs from qualified professionals. This is simply what has helped me 🙂


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“Rien n’est plus proche de l’absolu qu’un amour en train de naître”

— Jean d’Ormesson