I am so addicted to Style Me Pretty at the minute. As if their weddings weren’t dreamy enough, they have a whole lifestyle, home-wear, and beauty section which will make you drool. They have launched a lifestyle challenge for the new year, the ‘Pretty Refresh Challenge’, and I have decided to give it a shot starting in September! (I know it’s meant for January but new academic year and all that..) For everyday of the month, you need to find time to do the following:

Define your goals

Boost your creativity

Declutter your home

Create a bedtime routine

Give your closet a detox

Create a weekly meal plan

Throw insecurities out the door

Create a morning ritual

Take a risk in your home

Plan your next vacation

Simplify your counter tops

Do something fulfilling today

Unplug and relax

Revamp your home office

Sneak in a workout

Make your bedroom cozy

Create a laundry routine

Embrace the art of punctuality

Give your guest room some love

Cut chore time in half

Give your locks some love

Write a thank you note

Fancy up your foyer

Declutter your digital life

Plan a date night at home

Update an old piece of furniture

Save more money

Try your hand at DIY

Follow your dreams


I think it’s a great way to start new routines and make lifestyle changes in preparation for a new year at uni! I will keep the blog updated on my occasional progress 😛 Check out Style me Pretty for some serious inspiration!


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— Kate Spade